Monday, June 11, 2012

Fake Fraxby's Zalad

Fake Fraxby’s Zalad

Ok my one fav thing from zaxby is their Zaxby Blue Zalad.
Here is my fake Version

1 grilled non bbq chicken breast Chunked

½ cup blue cheese crumbles

4 slices of bacon or bacon bits to match about ¼ cup

Baby Spinach leaves small bag

Bag salad

Slice tomatoes < I use roma sooo cute>

Dices boiled eggs

French’s onions

Dressing of your choice best one I think is ITIALIAN the olive oil kind from Kraft

Extras, olives, capers, dried cranberries, shredded mozzarella very fine, croutons

One 2 large plate arrange bag salad with spinach leaves

On top add slice tomatoes then on one corner add blue cheese crumbles , egg one egg per plate on other corner, sprinkle with bacon bits, then chicken on top,

Add any extras I do…..

Add dressing

Serve with crispy crunchy bread, sparkling lemonade aid, or white wine

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